3rd & 4th card – Don’t worry will stop counting soon!

My second card was for my nephew’s first b-day. Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take a picture. Which is both sad and good. I remember it looking too “homemady” and spending forever on making it. Three evenings! – Yes, I have lots of patience. Unless you ask my husband to be. He would say the opposite..

So instead I have pictures of my third and fourth card ever made – not many crafters can or will show their initial work but as I am a late bloomer I will! It’s never too late to start a hobby.

Top picture was for my cousin’s 40th birthday and the bottom one was for my grandmother’s (88th) birthday. She’s danish and doesn’t read English very well so the sentiment is in danish. She does love Mrs. Brown’s boys and by watching the show she knows some English which is truly good and bad! I wouldn’t recommend Mrs Brown for teaching anyone English 🙂

The top card is a good example of me getting better over time. I was well impress at the time I made it, but I keep surprising myself with the progress I make. To be honest that card is horrible. Look at the wide uneven borders and I am not quite sure about the colour combination either. All I can say is that it doesn’t really work that well. At least this makes it easier to show progress and that things aren’t easy at the beginning – not that easy now either but by time you become more and more aware of what details to look out for.

Also this is when I slowly started on using Stampin’ up! products. I have to admit Stampin’ up! is a great brand. I love it!

Cards are from 13th & 14th of June 2016


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