The internet craft revolution – a whole world of inspiration!

I started googling cards and especially Stampin’ up! and I came across Brandy’s cards. Brandy makes some awesome video tutorials. What I love is that she makes it look so easy and pretty – which it also is. By watching her videos on card making I became more aware of details. Brandy inspires me in many ways.
I have made these two cards by following one of brandy’s videos: Cascading flowers.
Brandy’s card is of course much better than mine, but these cards are quite an improvement to what I have made before – maybe not the top card as it was embossed the wrong way out!
On the pictures you can see I use a notepad to practice all my stamping and coloring on. Having the notepad helps my creativity – makes it easier to see what goes together and what doesn’t without destroying expensive paper.
By using the internet my creativity has improved significantly. It almost feels like cheating, you learn so much from just watching others being creative. It really has been and still is a revolution for my skills. There is nothing wrong with getting inspired by others work:)

Cards were made on 16th July 2016.


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