Kitty cat b-day card!

OMG! I must have been very busy on the 27th of August 2016 because I have taken pictures of so many cards that day. I normally take a picture immediately after I made a card because I’m so proud of having made it! I then txt the pictures to my fiance. He must have felt spammed that day!
I sit in the attack and I am far to lazy taking the trip down the ladder and down stairs to show him. 🙂
This card was for another aunt who lives in Alaska. She loves cats so I had to make a kitty card for her. I know she loves yellow/orange colors as well so I did that as well – I am so generous 😛
The stamp, I found in one of my mothers albums full of polymer stamps so I don’t know where it is from, but it is like designed for putting gems on. The sentiment, banner and matching die is from Stampin’ up!’s “Banners For You”. Balloon on the envelope is from “Balloon Celebration” and I stamped in daffodil delight also from Stampin’ up!
I would like to admit I use a lot of cheaper materials, which you can also see i.e. the yellow paper which looks a bit lose especially on the left side of the card, is cheap stuff from hobby craft and it is thin paper which makes it easier to damage and more difficult to glue down, maybe using fuse fast/tape pen would have be better than tacky glue. Or just upgrade to better quality paper. Next time!

Card is from 27th August 2016.


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