punched flower wreaths

My mum left me a lot of punches, and what do you do with those? you can put them together and make a wreath for example. I like a good flower wreath and played with different colour combinations.
I used punches from Floral Punch (big pop-up flowers) and some unknowns (sorry, I am not sure where they are from, but google flower punches and a million similar ones will show up!).
The wreaths are not perfectly round, but I don’t mind so much because then they look more homemade – in a good way this time.
I punch all the flower and green bits and lay them out before glueing. I dot small amounts of tacky glue on the pieces and stick them down one by one. I am am not too bothered by the flowers being complete covered with glue. It gives them a 3D-like effect. I am more bothered by the border not glued properly!
This type of card is easy and fairly quick to make. Always takes time to cut borders and pick the right colours. I use a guillotine/trimmer to cut with. It makes cutting a lot easier and quicker, especially if you have measurements on guillotine.
But now I have a nice stack of birthday cards to give away 🙂

Cards are from 27th September 2016.


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