Colouring with ProMarkers

Christmas is all done and dusted for most, but I thought I would like to share some of the bulk card making I did during that period. This is a simple, fun and easy card to make.
The angel comes from Stampin’ Up!’s “Wonder of Christmas” stamp set. The cardstock I am using (from Amazon) is not specifically made for alcohol markers you can get better quality paper/cardstock where the colors blend easier and better.
For colouring the wings I used three shades of the same colour for the rest I used one or two shades of the same colours. All the angels and wings are different. I either blended the colour slightly different or used different colours.
For this type of cardstock I used the darkest shade first. On paper dedicated for alcohol markers, colours mix well if you start with the lightest shade first, but as this cardstock and not designed to be saturated I found it easier to get a good blend by using darkest shade first. You just have to be aware by starting with the darkest shade first it is easy to over colour i.e. make shades larger than intended.
On the wings I colour one line with the darkest shade then I colour with the next darkest shade. I colour one line over the darkest then I colour a line beneath. Finally I use the lightest colour to go over what I just coloured with the second colour and colours the rest of the area with that colour.
Do small areas at a time and be fairly quick you don’t want the colours to dry unless you don’t want to blend.
Also you might notice that the colours on the bottom right angel isn’t great, but that is how it looks on this paper when it is not completely dry. Letting it dry makes it easier to see the final result.
For the hair I used two colours, yellow and orange. I coloured with yellow first, I then made highlights with the orange and I then went over with the yellow again to take some of the edge of the orange and make it blend.
The picture below shows the final Christmas cards. Normally I like when everything matches that’s why I love Stampin’ Up! They make sure everything goes together. But with that said on a simple white card like this you can do as you want and it still looks great!

Cards are from 5th December 2016.


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