punched flower wreaths

My mum left me a lot of punches, and what do you do with those? you can put them together and make a wreath for example. I like a good flower wreath and played with different colour combinations.
I used punches from Floral Punch (big pop-up flowers) and some unknowns (sorry, I am not sure where they are from, but google flower punches and a million similar ones will show up!).
The wreaths are not perfectly round, but I don’t mind so much because then they look more homemade – in a good way this time.
I punch all the flower and green bits and lay them out before glueing. I dot small amounts of tacky glue on the pieces and stick them down one by one. I am am not too bothered by the flowers being complete covered with glue. It gives them a 3D-like effect. I am more bothered by the border not glued properly!
This type of card is easy and fairly quick to make. Always takes time to cut borders and pick the right colours. I use a guillotine/trimmer to cut with. It makes cutting a lot easier and quicker, especially if you have measurements on guillotine.
But now I have a nice stack of birthday cards to give away 🙂

Cards are from 27th September 2016.


Kitty cat b-day card!

OMG! I must have been very busy on the 27th of August 2016 because I have taken pictures of so many cards that day. I normally take a picture immediately after I made a card because I’m so proud of having made it! I then txt the pictures to my fiance. He must have felt spammed that day!
I sit in the attack and I am far to lazy taking the trip down the ladder and down stairs to show him. 🙂
This card was for another aunt who lives in Alaska. She loves cats so I had to make a kitty card for her. I know she loves yellow/orange colors as well so I did that as well – I am so generous 😛
The stamp, I found in one of my mothers albums full of polymer stamps so I don’t know where it is from, but it is like designed for putting gems on. The sentiment, banner and matching die is from Stampin’ up!’s “Banners For You”. Balloon on the envelope is from “Balloon Celebration” and I stamped in daffodil delight also from Stampin’ up!
I would like to admit I use a lot of cheaper materials, which you can also see i.e. the yellow paper which looks a bit lose especially on the left side of the card, is cheap stuff from hobby craft and it is thin paper which makes it easier to damage and more difficult to glue down, maybe using fuse fast/tape pen would have be better than tacky glue. Or just upgrade to better quality paper. Next time!

Card is from 27th August 2016.

Playing butterflies card

I think for the first time I made cards that wasn’t for someone I already had in mind. All these birthdays/special occasions coming up and I wanted to have some nice cards ready.
I made a bunch of the bottom card with different sentiments. The top card was a kind of demo card. I made it, I liked it and then mass produced it – I made like five cards!
I used “Garden in Bloom” stamping set, brick wall embossing folder and I used daffodil delight, marina mist and rish razzleberry ink pads from Stampin’ up! I used yellow metal thread from a jewelry kit and I used one of my mum’s dies to cut out the sentiment on the bottom card.
I cut out the butterflies with scissors and put dimensional stickers on the card where I wanted the butterflies placed, but before placing the butterflies I pierced the metal thread through the dimensional stickers, with a tool I made a small “fish hook” on the end bits of the thread so that they can’t be pulled or slip out again. I then placed the butterflies on top of the stickers. It was very easy and I like having the thread indicating butterflies swirling around in the air. I think this card could benefit from having a green card base, maybe stamp the sentiment in green too, but I also like it as it is. 🙂

Cards are from the 27th September 2016.

Another b-day card – also inspired by Pinterest

Dear Husband-to-be, please note the tidy work space 😉
He says I’m always so messy!

Yes, another b-day card.. 🙂 This time for my aunt who also loves crafting. I had lots of fun making this card. Normally I like making simple cards so for me there is a lot going on, but in a good way.
I was inspired by this card from Pinterest.
I used butterfly punches by Martha Stewart, the flower die is by Tattered Lace and the embossing folder is by Stampin’ up! – quite a hybrid! I used tempting turquoise ink and cardstock from Stampin’ up! 
I don’t have a die for banners, so I cut them by hand first and then emboss. I will probably in the future invest in some banner dies to make things quicker and easier. Talking about dies, what I also really want is these stitched dies. They are really cute and brings another element of detail to the cards. Try and google them!     

Card is from 27th of August 2016

Don’t miss out on Pinterest!

After hours of watching Brandy’s cards videos I got hungry for more inspiration and my aunt recommended me using Pinterest. And oh my, there is a lot of pretty cards to be inspired by!
Petite petals punch used to punch out the flowers.
Scissors will do the job just perfectly as well!
This card was for my cousin’s birthday. She is danish therefore there is a danish happy birthday sentiment stamped.
This card was inspired by this pin, so very similar. I just loved the flower wreath and colours matching. I used a purple plum coloured ribbon to break the blue. The flowers are stamped with marina mist ink pad and the flowers are from the Petite Petal stamping set, both from Stampin’ up! I used whisper white and marina mist cardstock, also from Stampin’ up! I also, which might be difficult to see, embossed the middle of the wreath with a heart embossing folder.
I find it neat if you make a matching envelope to your card. It is very easy and finishes off the project nicely. I love this card and my cousin was very happy to receive it too 🙂
Card is from 27th August 2016. 

Wedding – Oh YES!!


bobviously loved making this card, and I think it is one of my favourite beginner cards. I made the card so it matched the wedding invitation. I was inspired by hexagons, bees and blue so I repeated those features in my card.
I used stamps from “Floral Phrases” and “Honeycomb Hello”, marina mist cardstock and ink – all by Stampin’ up!
I used dimensional stickers to make a 3D effect on the front. I also used a heart embossing folder, gold ink, a heart punch and hexagonal dies.
The flower punch is by Floral Punch and it’s a two step punch. First you cut with one punch and then use another punch to emboss with. Please note the big flowers consists of two pieces each piece requires a punch set. Let me put up a link for them: small flower punch set & medium flower punch set. They are very good quality and punch fairly easy through thick cardstock.
It’s easy and gives you an excellent result. I used glue dots to stick them together and tacky glue to stick them to the card.
I like there is a lot of elements in the card, yet it looks simple.

Card is from the 27th August 2017.

Baby card!

Finally a different occasion and a new challenge!
I used one of my mum’s baby pram stamps – no idea where it is from, same with ribbon and designer paper. Sentiment is from the stamping set called “banners for you”, tempting turquoise cardstock and ink is all by Stampin’ up! I like using white cardstock as the base card as it is simple and cheaper. Sometimes I cut the cards myself but I often cheat and buy them pre-scored ready-to-go with envelopes. It’s just easier for now as I still focus on the card building element which takes a lot of time.
But anyway I like this card. The only thing I would do differently is moving the pram with border further up so it has the same size edge on three sides and adjust the sentiment. I find it more eye pleasing if the width of the border is the same on the top as the sides.
But it is simple and can be repeated with different baby stamps and colours 🙂

Card is from the 27th August 2016

The internet craft revolution – a whole world of inspiration!

I started googling cards and especially Stampin’ up! and I came across Brandy’s cards. Brandy makes some awesome video tutorials. What I love is that she makes it look so easy and pretty – which it also is. By watching her videos on card making I became more aware of details. Brandy inspires me in many ways.
I have made these two cards by following one of brandy’s videos: Cascading flowers.
Brandy’s card is of course much better than mine, but these cards are quite an improvement to what I have made before – maybe not the top card as it was embossed the wrong way out!
On the pictures you can see I use a notepad to practice all my stamping and coloring on. Having the notepad helps my creativity – makes it easier to see what goes together and what doesn’t without destroying expensive paper.
By using the internet my creativity has improved significantly. It almost feels like cheating, you learn so much from just watching others being creative. It really has been and still is a revolution for my skills. There is nothing wrong with getting inspired by others work:)

Cards were made on 16th July 2016.

My 5th card – I lied! Nana nanaa ;P

Another b-day card which is what I mainly made in the beginning. I found it easier to make a card if I had an actual occasion like birthdays. I love the cat stamp. Most of my stamps and crafting stuff comes from my mother’s craft stash. She was quite a hoarder and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! She has unfortunately passed away, but I love using stamps I know she liked. 
This my first attempt with water coloring. I managed quite well with coloring. It was easy and I like the faded effect you can get especially the flowers and leaves. I would highly recommend beginners trying water coloring. I am not sure about the details on the card though something is not harmonizing very well. Leaves room for improvement 🙂

Card was made on 10th July 2016. 

3rd & 4th card – Don’t worry will stop counting soon!

My second card was for my nephew’s first b-day. Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take a picture. Which is both sad and good. I remember it looking too “homemady” and spending forever on making it. Three evenings! – Yes, I have lots of patience. Unless you ask my husband to be. He would say the opposite..

So instead I have pictures of my third and fourth card ever made – not many crafters can or will show their initial work but as I am a late bloomer I will! It’s never too late to start a hobby.

Top picture was for my cousin’s 40th birthday and the bottom one was for my grandmother’s (88th) birthday. She’s danish and doesn’t read English very well so the sentiment is in danish. She does love Mrs. Brown’s boys and by watching the show she knows some English which is truly good and bad! I wouldn’t recommend Mrs Brown for teaching anyone English 🙂

The top card is a good example of me getting better over time. I was well impress at the time I made it, but I keep surprising myself with the progress I make. To be honest that card is horrible. Look at the wide uneven borders and I am not quite sure about the colour combination either. All I can say is that it doesn’t really work that well. At least this makes it easier to show progress and that things aren’t easy at the beginning – not that easy now either but by time you become more and more aware of what details to look out for.

Also this is when I slowly started on using Stampin’ up! products. I have to admit Stampin’ up! is a great brand. I love it!

Cards are from 13th & 14th of June 2016