Clear mount stamp hack

You are probably all hardcore stampers out there, but in case you have missed this, it’s worth a read.

Tired of your clear mounts not sticking to your clear blocks? Have you tried breathing and stick them on and find it doesn’t really work? Been there!
One solution is like many demonstrators not to bother putting stickers on the stamps. It works really great too and you save time by doing so. I just find I like having the sticker on showing whats on the stamp. It’s so much nicer when working.

I learned this trick from another Stampin’ Up! demonstrator online a long time ago. Unfortunately I have forgotten her name (I know, it’s not nice of me!). Important thing is I didn’t invent this technique.
The lady used Tombow glue and it is very important it is Tombow glue because unlike most other types of glue; Tombow stays tacky when dry.

All you do is apply a thin layer of Tombow – make sure its an even layer to ensure an equal amount of pressure can be applied to the entire surface when stamping.
Leave the glue to dry. The glue is dry and ready to use when transparent. – This is also the moment where you don’t want a cat rolling around on the desk in your tacky clear mounts!
When dry you can stick them on to clear blocks and stamp without the stamp falling off when inking or just after you have stamped.
Stamps are easy to peel off and can be reused over and over! 🙂

Clear mount stamp hack

1) Use Tombow glue 2) Apply tombow glue 3) Leave it to dry 4) Glue is now sticky and sticks much better to clear blocks!


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