About me

Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

My name is Christina and I see myself as a local girl to Reading, UK. I live just off the town centre, between Oxford Road and Tilehurst Road. Reading is kind of my British “birthplace”. I was originally born and grew up in Denmark but I moved to Reading in 2013 with my two cats to spend more time with my British boyfriend. My boyfriend turned up one day in a van and drove me, the cats and all my junk 18 hours to the UK – it was a very pleasant trip. Cats were vocal during the entire journey…

I enjoy living and working in the UK. It’s very different from Denmark but people seem to appreciate same sense of dry humor which I like. I like British traditions, I keep some danish traditions too, but the last few years I have been making my own Christmas puddings and mince pies. I “celebrate” bonfire night when I say celebrate I mean we invite family and friends over to shoot off some fireworks, drink gin & tonics and play card games. I have no issues adopting traditions involving food and drinks 🙂

Crafty Kurilean Bobtail

My crafty companion, Elise.

We expanded the family with another cat after a year together and now currently have three cats, all of the same breed – Kurilean Bobtails. We love cats – and dogs for that matter. We just work long hours and don’t have the time yet it requires to have a dog.
We enjoy travelling and have been on many holidays all over UK. We enjoy visiting National Trust places and walk along scenic trails. We have also visited USA a couple of times – Miami, Key West, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Napa and Alaska. We would like to visit New Zealand and Australia in the future.

Crafty kurilean bobtail

Elise can be incredible cute and annoying at the same time. Me trying to make wedding invitations.

I enjoy being creative. It can be anything from colouring to practice brush calligraphy, sewing, knitting, making cards or scrapbooking. I have my own craft attic where I spend as much time as possible. It started with Mondays being my craft evening – my boyfriend gets to cook and take care of the house. These days he gets to cook most days and I do crafting or craft relating stuff in the evenings.
So if you don’t like cooking, I would recommend you take up crafting whether you like it or not, creative or not, got a hobby or not. Then get a craft attic or shed – somewhere no one can keep an eye on you. Convince your other half you need to spend more time on this and then keep expanding whatever you do, then over some time you will find you rarely cook any longer!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog a lot more than me talking about me 🙂